Keep me near the cross, dear Lord, this is my earnest plea

For it is the symbol of the life You sacrificed for me.

The sinful nature that I had kept us so far apart

But You devised a special plan so You could change my heart.


You sacrificed Your only Son for a wretched sinner like me

You gave me a gift I couldn’t earn; by grace, You set me free.

The cross is my reminder, Lord, of the love You have for me

I now have life because Jesus died on the cross at Calvary.


Keep me near the cross, dear Lord, as a reminder just for me

That before I accepted Jesus, I was blind and could not see.

I could not see the joy and peace that was missing from my heart

Through Jesus, my eyes were opened and I made a brand new start. 


When Jesus came into my heart, He changed me from within

So keep me near the cross, dear Lord, and help me turn from sin.

Lord, You never promised me a lifetime free of strife

You knew the perils I would face throughout my earthly life.


Daily I face many trials, which I don’t feel I need

But Lord, You always know what’s best, so I will trust Your lead.

The things that happen in my life, I face because You know

That only in times of adversity can I truly learn and grow.


Keep me near the cross, dear Lord, when I’m down and in despair

I only have to call Your name and I know that You are there.

I know You will forgive me Lord, even when I sometimes slide

Remind me of the cross, dear Lord, and keep me near Your side.


Since Jesus came to earth as man in human form like me

I know now how He suffered when He died upon that tree.

He felt the same things that I feel; rejection, hurt and pain

Because He was a human when to this earth He came.


Lord, You could have saved Your Son from death upon that cross

But You let Him buy my pardon; yes, sweet Jesus paid my cost.

And just to prove Your love for me, You raised Him from the grave

You gave Him victory over death and now my soul is saved.


By the sacrifice You freely gave, I know you wanted me

To accept Your gift and dwell with You for all eternity.

Help me share the cross, dear Lord, with those who are still lost

So they, too, will know you as Savior because I shared the cross.



Emily McAdams

©Copyright Jan. 2002




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Art courtesy of Christ Centered Art